Bill Clinton

We all have a bad day every once in a while, and sometimes we take it out on other people. Sunday wasn’t Bill Clinton’s day, and he made this known to the world by berating news-anchorman Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. When Wallace asked Clinton if he believed he had done enough to address the mounting threat of terrorism during his Presidency, Clinton snapped, accusing Wallace of committing a “conservative hit job” under the orders of Fox Commander-in-Chief, Rupert Murdoch. He continued, suggesting that the Fox Corporation had a plan for bringing him on the air under false pretenses and then attacking him….. He noticed, and he wasn’t going to sit there and take it. (read entire transcript) Naturally, the politicos in the blogging community had a field day.clinton-wallace.jpg

Most everyone agrees he went a little overboard, but on the substance of his attack, opinions diverge. Clinton-loving Fox haters applauded the former President for finally taking a formidable stand against the Bush administration and its cheerleaders. Clinton-hating Fox watchers, on the other hand, used the outburst as ammunition against him and any liberal who identifies with him.

Chris Wallace appeared shocked and a little bit hurt after the interview, but Fox took advantage of the face-off’s hype value and promoted the program before it aired on Sunday with the tagline: “Clinton Gets Crazed.” Crooks and Liars posted the video on its site before the network replaced the commercial with something less sensationalistic.

Not only have bloggers joined the peanut gallery, but thanks to several online surveys, lots of people have taken the opportunity to express their views about both whether Clinton crossed the line and whether he did enough while in office to protect the United States from terrorist threats.  Apparently results of the latter survey will be delivered directly to Clinton himself.


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