Tickle Me-X Elmo

Zealous parents, already thinking of holiday shopping as the leaves begin to change, have recently been (re)-introduced to Sesame Street’s most lucrative fuzzy friend. Ten years after the Tickle Me Elmo craze swept America’s toy stores in 1996, Fisher Price has released TMX Elmo – which can either stand for Tickle Me Ten (to honor their double-digit anniversary) or, more appropriately, Tickle Me Xtreme. The frenzy of ’96, you may remember, got so wild that cutthroat competition to land an Elmo left one unfortunate Wal-mart employeetmxelmo-secret.jpg suffering injuries when a shopping spree (read: stampede) went awry.

Months of anticipation – during which no one was allowed to preview the product – made September 19 a very exciting day for toy collectors and gift-givers alike. That Tuesday morning, the new and improved Elmo made his first public appearance on Good Morning America, and as the toystores opened their doors, he surfaced on shelves across the country. Lucky for those hoping to make an educated decision before dropping $39.99, a tech-savvy TMX Elmo owner has already posted a video on YouTube where we can watch the wriggling giggle-machine do his thing. Not only have lots of people watched this video, but lots of bloggers are linking to it, too, and adding their two-cents on Tickle Me Elmo 2.0.

According to Amazon’s product review, TMX Elmo has three “tickle spots”: one on his belly, one under his chin, and one on the top of his foot. Set one of these off, and Elmo loses it. He slaps his stomach, hunches over while guffawing loudly, and finally topples backward in an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

Then, he stands up and collects himself, and then urges his owner for another go-round. “Again, again!” he cackles. Apparently, tickle tortures #2 and #3 incite even more riotous laughing attacks. He even lies flat on his belly at one point and pounds the floor with his fists. It’s all just too much.

According to the HuffPost, finding a TMX Elmo so your child will have a happy Christmas is already presenting a challenge reminiscent of ’96. However, a quick search on eBay for “TMX Elmo” brings up a solid 6715 hits (at the time of this post). A collectors set of three Elmos, each in a different type of box, has been listed at, no joke, $300,000. One seller is asking a cool million for a single unopened TMX-E…promising that 70% of the proceeds will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Given that it’s only September, the race is almost certainly just beginning. Forget slow and steady and start sprinting to the finish line…right….NOW.


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