Grey’s Anatomy

greys-anatomy.jpgTrue fans of Grey’s Anatomy, ABC’s hit show tracking the heart-stopping drama in the lives of five surgical interns at Seattle Grey Hospital, don’t restrict their passion to one hour a week. The pop-gazing portion of the blogosphere has Grey’s running through its veins, especially this week, gearing up for the much anticipated season premiere, which aired on Thursday night. Regulars have been waiting for months to find out whether Izzie will come back to work (even after Denny’s tragic sudden death) and whether Meredith will choose Derek or Finn after the scandalous, secretive prom night hook-up.

Speculation also abound over who would come out on top in the networks’ Thursday night primetime prizefight– Grey’s gut-wrenching hospital trauma or CSI’s heavy-hitting detective drama on CBS. But MD-wannabes turned out in numbers, and Grey’s came out on top with an impressive 25.14 million viewers, though CSI went down swinging with a respectable 22.04.

In post-premiere commentary and analysis, Grey’s vital signs were good. Most had an optimistic outlook for season three’s chances of success, though bloggers debated the merits of the episode itself and asked whether it sufficiently resolved the cliffhangers from Season Two’s tear-jerking finale.

Lucky for the latecomers, those just joining the Grey’s parade can now catch up with seasons one and two on DVD or on iTunes. If you don’t have the time to watch all the episodes, read comprehensive synopses at ABC’s official website.


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