Daniela Cicarelli

Number one searched for tag today: Cicarelli. Perhaps not a regular household name, but it’s really not too surprising that news of a recently released sex-tape featuring Daniela Cicarelli – former Maxim cover girl, MTV veejay, and ex-wife to national soccer cicarelli.jpgstar Ronaldo (a.k.a. Queen of Brazil) – is going to garner some interest…maybe even crash a few servers…. As if a semi-clad Brazilian beauty fooling around on camera were not enough to drive the traffic, the action going down between Cicarelli and her new boy-toy, Tito Malzoni, takes place on the beach…and sometimes...in the water. If you’re hoping to take a peek, you may be out of luck, as Fleshbot reports that as soon as the video gets posted on YouTube it’s immediately taken down.

This isn’t Cicarelli’s first time caught in a compromising position. In 2004, a Brazilian magazine published a series of photos of a scantily-clad Cicarelli. This being her second offense with public nudity, it might be safe to say Daniela has a hint of exhibitionist in her DNA. Not everyone, however, is thrilled about her latest Internet release. It appears that the suits at General Motors, with whom Cicarelli had brokered a deal to strut her stuff in a marketing campaign for Chevrolet, felt like the heat was cranked up a little bit too high. Auto blog Jalopnik, citing reports from the Brazilian site O GLOBO ONLINE, wrote that GM has decided to cut her contract as a result of this latest scandal.

Cicarelli might not have to worry, though. There’s a fair chance Maxim will be ringing again soon.


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